Blue Gills:

Blue Gills is the introductory group at WST. In order to become a Blue Gill, a swimmer must demonstrate the ability to complete a 25 of both Freestyle and Backstroke. The goal of the Blue Gill group is to build a solid foundation of all four competitive strokes and turns  so that swimmers will be able to compete at USA Swimming sanctioned meets. Coaches will work mainly on stroke technique. 


Sea Turtles:

To become a Sea Turtle, a swimmer must be able to make 3 X 50's freestyle on a 1:30 pace. In the Sea Turtle group, swimmers will continue to build a strong technical foundation of the four competitive strokes, while at the same time learning the basics of interval training. Sea Turtles will also be more trained and encouraged to participate at USA Swimming sanctioned meets. To move on the the next group, Wave Runners, swimmers must complete 4 X 100's freestyle on a 2:30 pace with a minimum of 15 seconds rest.



The Waverunner group is the middle level of swimmers on Watauga Swim Team as determined by capabilities shown in the previous group. In Waverunners, our main concentration is to refine all stroke and turn techniques to prepare for competition in the senior group. Skills and teamwork are most important in this group as we learn the rules of competition and how to succeed in practice as well as at meets. We strive to increase stroke efficiency and build a strong aerobic foundation while having fun and practicing together as teammates. 

Exit Skills:

- Demonstrating correct technique in all 4 strokes

- Consistently streamlining to the flags from every wall

- Efficient, correct turns that have the foundation to become fast and competitive

- Consistent attendance that shows a commitment to swimming

- Consistent meet attendance

- A basic understanding of racing starts



The Senior group is WST's top level group. To become a Senior, one must complete 4 X 100's freestlye on 1:45 and 4 X 100's IM on 1:50 without rest between. While continuing to refine stroke technique, Senior swimmers will mainly focus on conditioning and meet preparation. In addition to pool workouts, Seniors have dryland practices, where they will run, do core exercises, and use some weight implements. The Seniors are the role models of the team, leading cheers at meets and occasionally working with younger swimmers on technique. Seniors are trained to compete at the state and regional level, and will ultimately be prepared to move on to swimming at the collegiate level.


*You must be at least 11 years old to advance to the Senior group. Also, group placement is ultimately the decision of the coaches.