Meet Schedule

Watauga Swim Team

Short Course Meet Schedule



Fall Kickoff in Kingsport, TN                                                           Sep 23-24

Lenoir  BRSL Meet                                                                         Oct 7

2017 HPSC Hope for the Cure-Greensboro, NC                           Oct 20-22

24th Annual Thanksgiving Invitational-Duncan, SC                       Nov 10-12

2017 STAR Triad Tropic, Greensboro, NC                                 Dec 1-3

January Jump Start-Greensboro, NC                                            Jan 12-15


2018 RAYS Invitational- Rock Hill, SC                                            Jan 26-28

TYDE Valentine Qualifier Meet- Winston YWCA                             Feb 10-11

2018 NCS Age Group Champs- MCAC, Charlotte                          Feb 22-24


**This is a tentative schedule, and we may make some changes once we are able to get more details about each meet.  As soon as we get specific meets confirmed, we will update the website.

**There will also be some March meets, but they aren’t scheduled yet.